Jeroen De Dauw

Jeroen De Dauw
Software Craftsman


I have been working with MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia, since 2009. During these 10+ years I have worked for several companies across the globe, including Google and the Wikimedia Foundation. Between 2012 and 2019 I worked for Wikimedia Deutschland as software architect, primarily on the Wikidata project. I created over a dozen MediaWiki extensions, contributed to many more and am one of the maintainers of Semantic MediaWiki.

My MediaWiki services and projects

Wikidata / Wikibase

Wikidata / Wikibase

Core developer with most contributions since 2012.
Director of The Wikibase Consultancy.

Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki

Maintainer since 2011. On 1500+ public wikis. 80+ releases. 70+ contributors. Contract work for several companies.

Maps extension for MediaWiki


Created in 2009. On 1000+ public wikis. 100+ releases. 40+ contributors. Contract work for several companies.

Commercial projects

Community projects

Plus contributions to dozens of extensions

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